Welcome to Electronics123


This is the official web page for Electronics123 in south Africa. We at Electronics123 is proud to be one of the best electronic stores in South Africa.

In our store you will find thousands of electronic components and more than two hundred electronic kits. But it does not stop there we also sell: enclosures, tools, batteries and pcb manufacturing equipment. We display many products in the store and customers are more than welcome to walk around our store and discover the exiting world of electronics! In our store you will find friendly and eager sales personnel who have work for many years for Electronic123.

One of the best ways to get into electronics is to page through our catalogue we introduce new products every month so make a point of it to always get the latest copy. New items are carefully categorised and once you get to know our categories you will open up a wold of electronic components for yourself. We use the same categories on our webpage if you are familiar with any of the two mediums it will be no problem to find your product.


Retail Store

You are more than welcome to visit our retail store in Waverley Pretoria!

In our store you will find many products on display and friendly sales personnel to assist you. We are open till 18:00 on weekdays except on Fridays we close at 17:00. Saturdays we are open from 8:00 until 14:00.

In our store you will find a conference table where customers can browse through our catalogue. To speed up your purchases we recommend customers to supply our sales personnel with the product code witch you can find in our product catalogue. To speed up your purchases even more we also print the bin number in our product catalogue and you will find the product your looking for inside neatly organized bins in our store.

Electronic Workshops

Electronics123 is offering electronic workshops for children and adults. These workshops are very practical and a lot of fun this is the best way to master electronics. It also offers a great opportunity to meet likeminded people and to learn from each other. The workshop for children cater for children as young as 10 and our workshops will gradually build Them up to become electronic experts in the near future. Contact us today to book your child’s workbench. We offer the workshop for children every Tuesdays and Thursday s from 16:00 until 18:00.

Workshops for adults is carefully planned and then advertised by means of our technical newsletter. You will need to create a customer number with us if you like to be informed of our next workshop for Adults.


Repairing electronic devices can be very difficult and even impossible but we at electronics123 do offer repairs to simple electronic circuitry. Customers will need to understand that we undertake repairing of electronic devices only if an agreement between Electronics123 Retail Store CC and you the owner of the device is singed.