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Price: R50 incl

Battey Zi-C 9V PP3

Battery Alkaline 9V PP3/E-Block 500mAh

Toggle Switch 1P2T on-on 2A

LED 5mm Red W-Clear 9000mcd 15deg

Battery Holder 2xAA-Cells with leads

Battery Clip for 9 V PP3 Battery

Push Button Switch Latch Round 3A 125V Red

Stripboard Full Lines 100x300mm FR2

Rocker Switch 3A 250V 1P2T 13x19mm

Heat Shrink Tubing 3.2mm diameter Black 1m

Push-Button SwitchPress to Make Red

Soldering Iron Ceramic 30W 230VAC

Solder Wire 63/37 0.7mm 500g

LED 5mm Blue W-Clear 4000mcd 15deg

Solder Wire 60/40 + Dispenser 0.8mm 15g

1K 5% 1/4 Watt Carbon Film Resistor

Solder Wire 60/40 + Dispenser 1mm 17g

Battery Lead-Acid Sealed 12V 7Ah

Services we offer

PIC Microcontroller Programming Courses
( Next Course start 30 April 2016 ! )

PIC Microcontrollers are integrated circuits (IC’s) that can perform predetermined tasks programmed to the chip via firmware written by the user.

A PIC can do many tasks such as driving an LCD display, controlling the speed of a motor or could be implemented in automation.

We will learn how to program a PIC Microcontroller using C language. Discover the basic capabilities of a PIC MCU and much more.

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About Us

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Hi Jaco - I did a review of the PIC course with the students. They really enjoyed it. They all found out about the PIC course on Electronics123's website. - Regards, Michael