Retail Store

Visit our retail store in Waverley Pretoria!
In our store you will find many products on display and friendly sales personnel to assist you. We are open till 18:00 on weekdays except on Fridays we close at 17:00. Saturdays we are open from 8:00 until 14:00.

Electronic Repair

Electronics123 offer repairs to simple electronic circuitry. Customers will need to understand that we offer no guarantee on repaired products and we undertake repairing of electronic devices only if an agreement between Electronics123 Retail Store CC and you the owner of the device is singed.

NOTE: Our Technician is available form 13:00 during weekdays.  

Electronic Workshops

The Electronics123 Team dream of designing and building our very own robot one day! To achieve this goal, we will need to master the field of Mechatronics. Mechatronics is a multi-disciplinary field we have decided to break it into tree subjects: Electronics, Mechanics and Computer Programming.

In the pursuit of this dream we are presenting electronic workshops for all ages see details on the four workshops click workshop on top of page.